Experience the thrill of traditional archery

Archery, the art of using a bow to shoot arrows at a target, is one of the oldest precision sports still practiced today. From the battlefield to the dinner table, the bow and arrow has been an intrinsic part of civilization for thousands of years. Come experience a fun, exciting and unique experience. With your eyes locked on target, bow in hand and string pulled back to full draw, feel the energy, excitement and majestic sensation as you release the string and watch your arrow fly towards your target. 

Think you can do it? Come have a go and find out. A fantastic activity for competitive friends or individuals, family fun, kids and anyone who would like to try a unique shooting experience. 


NO gun... more FUN


Slingshot..... or Catapult (U.K), Ging (primarily Australian & New Zealand), Shanghai (Australian), Kettie (South Africa). 

Paintball... is a competitive team shooting sport in which players eliminate opponents from play by hitting them with spherical dye filled gelatin capsules ('paintballs') that break upon impact. 

Slingshot + Paintball = INSANE FUN!

Slingshot shooting shares many of the same principles as archery. Draw, aim, release. Naturally, we decided to combine these principles to bring you an insanely fun, action packed, fast paced traditional style shooting adventure you will never forget.  

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