What we do.

Nestled between a tourist friendly arts & crafts market, coffee shop, beer brewery and a one stop fill up station on the N2, a great time out is on the menu when visiting Primal Shot.  


We offer the unique opportunity for anyone to experience shooting a traditional bow & arrow. With no assistance based accessories such as sights, stabilizers or modern day release systems, we focus on the core attraction of simply, the bow, & the arrow. Shooting a traditional bow is a rewarding experience, where a combination of mental focus & physical concentration combine to make a successful shot. The skill, technique, focus, determination, & most importantly the reward of consistent accuracy of the archer is where our passion for the traditional bow is born. In contrast to the modern bows many mechanical assistance’s, the traditional bow, whether it be a recurve or a longbow is simply a bow, an arrow & a string, where making the most accurate shot possible hands the glory back to the archer.

 Slingshot Paintball

 With the slingshot and the traditional bow sharing such distinctive shooting principles, it was a natural progression to include the slingshot into the fray at Primal Shot. With so many requests for moving, reactive targets from our customers we thought, hey, people move and react when shot at? Naturally people and arrows was never going to be a bright spark idea. Paintballs?... Slingshots?....People?....


Welcome to Splatshot slingshot paintball. Your'e about to have more fun than you can imagine. 

Group functions/events

Birthday Party?

Team Build?


You haven't had a party until you've had a Primal party! Guaranteed to be a one of a kind experience that produces the WOW factor. Contact us to discuss how we can customise your group event/party.




Come browse our shop where you can buy your very own set up. 

All our bows are handcrafted, ensuring that each bow is unique in it's character. From lightweight youth bows for kiddies to the heavier draw weight bows for adults, we guarantee that your bow will be "one of a kind". Chat to us about ordering a custom made bow, where we will make your bow according to your specific draw weight and draw length specifications. 

All our wood bows are made from exotic woods, specially selected for their compression and tension characteristics to produce the best performance in a bow. 

We also stock a range of traditional archery accessories such as shooting gloves, arm guards, arrows, quivers etc. 

Primal Shot prides itself in keeping with the traditional archery experience, keeping the core excitement of archery alive.